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Commercial Property

500 S Hwy 35,LaPorte, IN  46350

500 S Hwy 35,LaPorte, IN 46350

160,000 sq ft

PROTEIN POTENTIAL, 11 parcels located in LaPorte & Starke Counties with a total of 278 acres, Industrial, Commercial, and Agricultural land all inclusive. Approximately 160,000 sf of commercial and industrial buildings. A complete chicken meat growing, slaughtering, processing and distribution business from "chicks to premium pre packaged and custom labeled chicken products direct to distributors. Facilities consist of 9 chicken computer controlled grow houses, in Starke County near Bass Lake, IN.  Primary slaughterhouse facility for chickens, lambs & goats located in Kingsbury, IN. Lastly is a processing,cut up, custom packaging/labeling and  distribution facility with 3 additional commercial rental buildings just outside of the Town of Kingsford Heights, IN, has city water & sewer. This is a 70+ year old family owned business that has been supplying premium fresh meat to Chicagoland and the world!

This is a Lock, Stock and Barrel Sale includes everything including live birds.

Listing #517247


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